Portrait of an Editor: John van Tiggelen (English)

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In almost every Dutch family there have been people who migrated to another country. Over the years many have moved across the big oceans or even traveled all the way to Australia. Everyone will have had their own reasons for taking this big step. So how are they doing? What are they doing? Which dreams are they chasing. What plans did they have for their lives. By way of example, this article provides a look at the life of immigrant John van Tiggelen, editor of the Australian 'The Monthly'. The interview was conducted and the article was written by retired Town Planner Peter Reynders. He is also from Dutch origin. He is a volunteer contributor and Canberra Correspondent for the Dutch Courier, a publication published monthly on behalf of the Associated Netherlands Societies in Victoria, Australia. A full digital copy of thewhole Dutch Courier, July 2012, including the article's original Dutch text can be found via this link.